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$ 120

★ Extra characters + $85 68 per extra

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$ 35
$ 28

★ Extra characters + $25  22 per extra

Prices are in USD, and payments are via Paypal invoices – make sure to include your Paypal email when contacting me. You may use Euros as well, the conversion rate will be based on Google’s current rate.
You can ask up to two tweaks during the sketch phase. Extra adjustments & changes to the finished piece must be paid.
No refunds after the sketch phase, unless five months pass without updates.
Delivery time goes from a few days to three months maximum, it’s determined by the request & the waiting list.
Rush, private & commercial commissions have higher costs, so be sure to mention it if you need either when contacting me.
You’ll get two versions of the artwork: A clean one, and one with my logo. Please use the one with the logo when you share my artwork online.

    Prices are approximate and per character, and are set on effort, time & size.
    I accept rush orders for 50% of the cost of the commission added.
    I DON’T DRAW mecha, extreme guro, scat, pregnancy, underaged lewds.

★  I keep the rights of the artwork, not the commissioner. I can use the commissions to promote myself and for Patreon rewards unless it’s a private commission (paid for) The commissioner has the right of using the art for personal usage by default.

★ Unless paid for and agreed upon, you cannot use my artwork for commercial purposes! Includes but is not limited to selling, reproducing, or making merchandise from the commissioned art.
Prices for commercial usage may vary, please contact me for more information.

Pricing is the same as above!

You may choose to have both a dressed/undressed version for +50% of the cost of the base commission
Percentage may be higher based on how complicated the clothing is

★ Send good references! I can work based on one idea, but if you need something very specific please make sure to explain yourself properly.
Provide your Paypal email for me to invoice when contacting me, and reach to me via mail about commissions exclusively.






○ Pending
★ Sketching
★★ Polishing

  • ★ Doomlight - Self Profile Pic
  • ○ Kuro - Redesign
  • ○ Ratfel - Duo qties
  • NoMoshing - Ongoing scenes
  • Changer - Ongoing Scenes
  • Ya Boi Romeo
  • Summer Reed
  • AnotherWeirdPerson
  • Coconut
  • Kuroneko
  • NoMoshing (Harem Collector)
  • Changer (Adventure High, Mind Conquest)
  • Satou
  • Nixie
  • SLim_Games
  • Careth
  • Inspirion
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